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    I just need to vent really. I don’t know what the next 12hours will hold. I’ve been living in a bedsit for about a year and a half. Came here while pregnant, now my son is nearly 14months and we’re still here. BUT I managed to find us a 2 bed housing association property a couple weeks ago so we’re moving. Its 60 miles away from where I currently live.


    However, as I’m not working and it was short notice, I reached out to my council’s discretionary department to help me with removals costs. They agreed. It’s been 2 weeks. The discretionary officer a) is ridiculously slow at replying her emails. Something which could have been booked and sorted out in a few days takes 2 weeks because she replies 3 emails in a week. B) she wasted time trying to book the first removal company which was very cheap, but because shes so slow with emails it took her a week to realise they don’t want to work with a council scheme. Now this week (bare in mind I need to leave my private rented bedsit this very week) she’s faffing about trying to book another removal company. Here’s the timeline of events

    Monday 3rd june: she emails new removal company asking them if they are willing to move me as part of the councils scheme. She highlighted that payments are via BACS which takes 5 working days and I need to move Friday 7th June. Removal company agrees. She asks them to send an invoice.

    Tuesday: council email is down so the removal company cannot send invoice.


    Wednesday: she apologised for the technical problems the previous day and asks for the invoice to be sent again. (I’m copied into all emails- that’s how I know what’s going on). Removal company sends invoice.


    Thursday (today): Removal company calls me at 4pm, asking why they haven’t heard from the council? Removal is booked for tomorrow and they haven’t been paid. I then contact the dhp officer asking her what’s going on? She says they never sent the invoice that’s why she hasn’t paid. (Turns out they only sent the invoice to me and not her). I call the company back telling them they never sent the invoice but I have no forwarded the invoice to her. She sends the payment.

    THEN, after she has sent the backs and sent me and the removal company proof of the payment sent… THE REMOVAL COMPANY BACKS OUT. Start going on about their terms and conditions and they will not perform the move until the money reaches their account. I need to leave this bedsit tomorrow morning.


    So now I’m sitting here going out of my mind silently as I cannot have a breakdown in front of the baby and I don’t know what to do. My landlord (private landlord of the bedsit) is moving someone in Saturday 8th. So I cant even ask him to let me stay a few more days. I HAVE to go. I HAVE to take my possessions with me. And because I’m moving to a housing association property, theres not white goods, furniture etc so I absolutely need my deposit back so I can at least buy some 2nd hand white goods and a bed so I can’t do anything to jeopardise getting my deposit back. And I’m sure interfering with my landlord getting a new tenant warrants jeopardy of my deposit.


    So I sit here with my boxes packed, silently loosing my mind. And no I don’t have anyone who could help me move tomorrow.


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    Are you able to email or call  any removal companies and ask them to invoice the council directly..Try man & van or

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    I don’t know. I can’t do anything until I know what the council are doing. They have already paid one company so I don’t know if they will pay another. Can’t find out until tomorrow 😥

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    I would go down to the council first thing and say that you are not leaving until they have arranged AND paid for a removal company (or van and man) to move your stuff tomorrow. And politely state that you have been trying to get this sorted but you HAVE to move tomorrow with their help as promised.

    Good luck

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    Hiya, the first I’d do in the morning is phone the organisation called Shelter, their number is 0808 8004444, the helpline opens at 8am, they are probably the best people to talk to for advice.

    I’d next ring the council, having some knowledge from Shelter will help you but the worst thing that you can do is get crappy with them, it’ll get you nowhere. After that give the gingerbread team a ring, they may well spot an angle that’s been missed or perhaps signpost you in a different direction to help, I would of said phone them 2nd but they don’t open until 10 and you might have quite a wait (20 mins on avg but mornings are busier), their number is 0808 8020925 or scroll down to find the helpline button.

    I get why you are so upset, it is just a temporary hiccup, easy for me to say but I’ve been in a similar position and with a bit of tenacity got it sorted.

    Please get back to us on the forum, your story and how you got through it(which you will) may help other folk.


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    Thanks to everyone that replied! I’m currently on my way to my new home.

    The DHP officer had seen the email last night and had been in talks with the removal company. Anyway they didn’t help so we frantically searched for another company to move me last minute and were successful! We’ve just left about 10 minutes ago 😊

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    That’s fantastic! Good luck in your new home ☺

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