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    Ive veen separted for 7mths and was coping well, even people had told me this fact!!

    But this week I’m being completely falling apart its jist been one bad thing after another.

    I started a new job and i hate it the boss is one of those people who can never b pleased, i still havent been paid and i have no idea how mich i will be paid dispit asking more then once how the pay system works.   none of thsi was explained when i did apply for the post when i constantly get told i was.  so now im constantly worried about any money i have to spend. I can no longer do anything i was enjoying to get me through the preasure of sunnedely becoming a single mum after a 16yr relationship.

    My ex wouldn’t help with an extra expenses saying “i have to consdier extra expenses” *i asked him for £10 a month so pur daught can do something she’s found a passion for. It has annoyed me when i have then everyday and am basically just leaving on my benefits until this pay nightmare is sorted.

    Im fed up, drianed and most of all what upset me is that one of the children doesnt understand why she sunnedely cant have certian thing we did since its now so far down the line *have explianed.


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    Its a “relief” job as i was made redundant in sept and its the only thing i could find that fitted in around my other job (where more hours wasnt possible at the time).

    I havent signed any contract though i do have one, i have asked to be moved stating the distance was becoming an issue and statong to the one that imployed me how the boss was (ive worked with a few so no that’s not how they should behave). I am looking for somethng else and due have a few interview lined up.

    They do have a payroll and have hponed them nut they couldnt answer my query unfortunately.

    In regards to my ex he stated hes help with “big” costs a month or so ago and he knows about me not being paid, its just annoyed me tjat hes not standing up to hekp like he said as he knows she likes donig it as much as i do


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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