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    Wow, I first initially posted a few weeks ago on my first weekend as a single mom after asking the kuds dad to leave for unreasonable behaviour… anyway, since then my second eldest had returned to school and I’ve had my first week doing school runs and looking after my 11 month old daughter… yesterday I got the most amazing news.. even though I’d been in an emotionally draining relationship and pregnant & having a new born… I managed to bag myself s first class honours degree… yet I sat alone last night crying… I think it’s all been a bit much and all of a sudden I was sat on my own the kids in bed and it hit me… I went to uni in the hope to secure a good job and contribute with my partner to having a decent, well provided life for all four of us…

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    Firstly well done on your degree! That really is an amazing achievement.

    I think it’s totally normal how you are feeling. You’ve been through a huge amount and life has taken a dramatically different turn from the one you hoped for when you started your degree. You’re bound to feel a bit drained and emotional about it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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