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    I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how stop my sons dad from having access to him. My son is 10 and he has adhd and is high functioning autistic he’s very confident and is usually very upfront about anythin that upsets him except when it comes to his dad. He’s told social services, the police and his counsellors (he has to see 2 because of the amount of domestic violence he’s seen and heard) that he does not want to go with him but no one seems to care. His dad hasn’t theatened to shoot him, to throw him off a bridge, to kill me, to send people to hurt my mum but again but until the police actually catch him in the act no one seems to care. I have a non molestation order in place for me and the police and social services have said that with the amount of threats and his apparent mental health issues I have to stop access, cut all contact and he has to fight to see him. I did do that and today he turned up at my sons school and took him crying n visibly unhappy about going and I called the police n all they did was call him and ask him to bring him home in an hour.  It seems that no matter what this man does he just gets away with it meanwhile mine and my sons life is just left for him to pick up n drop as n when he feels like it. I think I need to get an order from the courts for my son but does anyone know what it’s called and or if anyone has any info or solicitors that give legal aid to victims of domestic violence in Manchester?

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    Hi there. I went through something similar, please pm me if I can help

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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