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    Hi there I need advice on my ex we separated 4 yrs ago and an agreement was set up through the courts that she had our house endowment a 5 figure sum as well as agreed weekely payments of a smaller amount outside of CSA by agreeing she was not allowed to contact CSA for further payments. She has more recently contacted CSA who have forced me to backdate payments to when she first enquired through them and now I pay double what I was also she had decided I cannot have the children at my house on our agreed weekends due to her sudden dislike to my partner who I have been with for last 3 yrs I might add. And I am supposed to drag my 2yr old acround counties to have visits with my other children for a couple of hours is this allowed and is there anything I can do about the access to see my kids and the endowemt she has got away with having.


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    Yes. If the agreement was set up through the court then any violation of them by her means you can take her back to court and she will be responsible for breaking the agreement. You could offer her mediation first if you’re feeling kind and want to make the situation clear to her, but once a court order is in place only a court can alter the arrangement so you are within your rights to ask the court to reinforce the agreement at her cost.

    All the best.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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