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    I’m interested in people’s experiences with stigma around being a single parent?

    Single fathers especially?

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    Hi Marr

    Im not a single father, but a mum to 3 fab kids (6yo, 11yo, 14yo), and personally prior to ending my relationship of 16years with their father, I was desperate not to be a statistic. I was never scared of the idea of doing it alone, i just wanted to ‘get to the end’ together. Maybe so I could classify myself as successful, according to society standard. The relationship was actually far from successful or healthy and I’m not sure why I chose to prioritise years of unhappiness for the sake of society’s expectations.

    Having been a single parent now for over 2 years, i am the happiest I’ve been in years. I laugh a lot with my children, I blow all society expectations (tow my own caravan, take the kids fishing, kayaking, shooting clays then dress up nice to go on ‘dates’ to restaurants) all with my children. I study MSc whilst working 30hrs a week to progress my career, I’m no hero, but I’m determined to raise these children independent and give them many memories that I know we’ll laugh about in future years to come.

    I don’t spend much time thinking these days about the stigma of being a single parent as I’m too busy cracking on with the job in hand. The only comments that I’ve been aware of is when we arrive to the camping site and they don’t see a man with us, I think initially they’ve felt pity, until they see my 14yo throw up the awning, the 11yo fix up the electrics and the 6yp head to fill up the water butt.

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    I think I apply more pressure in my own head than I get from others. These days it seems to be fairly “normal”.

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