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    My children live with dad and stepmum.  Stepmum is taking my seriously ill son to hospital appointments.  They will not allow me to go to any appointments……. Life changing appointments and because the court says the kids reside with them and I am allowed contact weekly they are using that fact to block me from taking my son to hospital.

    My son wants me there instead of her. He says what he wants but his wishes are pushed aside.  He is very poorly and hasn’t the energy to put his foot downm

    I have told dad and stepmum that I want to take him they won’t allow it.  At my wits end with it. I want to be there for my son when his own dad won’t be.

    Don’t know how to deal with this

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    Could you meet them at the hospital? Regarding your contacts, has the court put specific arrangements to be followed about them?

    Anyway, sorry for this situation, must feel very difficult to know your son is unwell and not be close to him physically.

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    I could meet at hospital but due to Covid only 1 parent is allowed in.  Court did put something in place but only for contacts not for hospital appointments.

    If I push the boundaries I fear they will stop my contact with all 4 of my children and now I see them on a regular basis

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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