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    Hi I’m new to this forum and looking for a bit of advice.

    A bit of background is that my ex husband has now married the woman who he cheated on me with. My question is that now they r married and she will b known as a step mum to the children does she get any rights over the children? My ex husband keeps pushing the children to talk to her but still hasn’t told them he has married her. Last Saturday my ex told the children to call him back at 2pm at which point he didnt answer and called back 10-15 mins later. As a result of this niether of the children spoke to him for more then 5 mins this was thier choice which was respected and also as a result my son has become very quiet and occasionally argumentative.

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    Hi Helchi,

    You and your ex will always be your kids’ mum & dad. Your ex’s new wife has no legal say in their lives.

    On the days when your children are at their dads, he can leave them with anyone he wants to as long as they are safe. So he might leave them with her while he plays football. And on those days he will obviously expect them all to treat each other with respect.

    But he needs to tell them he has remarried. That isn’t your job.

    How old are your children? Have you talked to them about their dad being with someone new. I think I’d ask how they all get on together. Make it easier for them to talk about it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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