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    how do you come terms with the step parent being involed?!

    she got with him while I was pregnant, made many remarks over social media.. family emojis etc pretend that my son is hers.. even though she’s never met him. Now my ex has finally admitted my daughter is his too.

    I feel so worried scared that they will love her more. My ex and her have only ever caused me pain like real heart pain. It came out while I was pregnant that he was sleeping with her when I conceived my daughter hence why he denied her being his.

    it’s all sorted now, he is having controlled contacted. I am doing it all for my children, I know they will be ok… but how do I not get hurt by her trying to annoy/upset/hurt me by coming at me with mothering. The one thing that kills me.



    T x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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