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    I am forced to live with my husband awaiting our final hearing as he want me to pay for half the mortgage even if I move out. The children and me 6&8 lived away from the family home as he refused to leave. I had to move back when he ran up our overdraft of 11k and deducted maintenance payments for mortgage payments. I also had to pay £3000 towards the mortgage not living there on top of that.

    The boys lived with me and he only had them every other weekend. Even when we are in the house together he does not help. He does not have them over night as he drinks 2 bottles of wine a night. So he has them four days a month.

    I try to stay away as much as possible and stay with my partner two nights a week with the boys on average. My ex now demands to know his address.
    I can’t believe that I need to give him that as we are still in the same town. It is also laughable as he has never shown an interest before.

    please advise

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    You are not obliged to tell your ex your new partner’s address and I don’t think you should.

    That level of control is worrying. When the children are in your care, he has no need to know.

    Obviously to stay on as good terms as possible, he has your mobile number and can call if he is worried about the children for any reason but he doesn’t need the address.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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