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    Hi everyone

    I just thought I would say hi to you all. Hope you are all well and to say you are all doing amazing

    There are a lot of posts on here about the negatives and feeling low and lonely but in fact we are all strong and we will find a way to deal with things and come out stronger for the sake of our children and us

    Life isnt easy and we hit bumps in the road but we carry on and we can be proud of ourselves. It tough but this is a great place for support.

    Hope you all have a good weekend

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    I have never been lonely in my life! I have no idea why people don’t take up hobbies, volunteering or join walking groups etc… On free meetup. Obviously they are hanging on to past or think that moving onto another relationship will solve their issues when they are unabke to get over ex or what happened.

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    Yes there is plenty to do

    If the relationship was so bad time on your own is so much needed. So soon after a break up isnt the time to move onto another relationship. The feelings towards an ex will still be there and is not fair on the other person

    I lost my way when with my ex. I am hurt how i got treated but i am strong and decided i will take no more of the poison. Stop taking the poison…feel better

    I have more time fot myself, to spend with friends and family. Instead of being around toxic person and feeling bad. I have my son and he is doing so well.

    Hobbies and interests are so key. I like to take drives it calms me down and i enjoy music on and feeling free

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    Exactly. There are hospices, hospitals and lots of charities looking for help.

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    Just a reply to ‘ Sherinam’. Lucky you having never been lonely in my life and having the confidence to purse numerous hobbies and pastimes. It’s not so straightforward for everyone with at least 1 in 4 of us suffering from a mental health problem. Low mood and anxiety results in loneliness because of the inability to pursue hobbies and pastimes. As a mental health support worker I see it every day. So maybe pause and think that not everyone finds combating loneliness as easy as you?

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    Yoga your comments here are extremely negative! That is correct I am not lonely because I have helped myself come out of depression as well as looking after a autistic child 24/7 whilst holding down a job at the same time! With no support from family.

    People should  be able to inspire  one another on  here.

    As for people that are unable to help themselves i do sympathise!

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    Hi, I am new to this site, though I have been a single mother for many years now. I think it is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life. It has been very hard to stay positive and I admit that many times I have been unable to do so. Reaching out to Gingerbread is an attempt to find ways of coping when things seem impossible alone. Best wishes to all of you on this site.

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    Hi Spectraviolet

    Hope you are well. I have felt the same so many factors or people have made me feel bad and lonely. You have us on here anytime you need a natter

    I have decided to try and get back the focus on me and my son and then just spend time with family and friends. Awful relationship ruined my sense of self worth but i stood up and fought back. Still way to go as he aint going quietly but i have cut communication he is still around and is trying to play more mind games.

    Im trying to keep busy. I have times where it takes me hours to even get washed n dreseed in the morning others im out early and hsbe a spring in my step.

    Go with tour feelings and talk if you need to on here. I know it aint same as having someone there all time but many people relate on here

    All the best


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    Gingey thats the most positive I’ve seen you be for a long time.  It’s good to hear.  Dont let him get you down keep plodding on and you’ll get to a good place. 🙂

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    Just hearing from others who are single parents makes me feel less lonely! I wish there was a Gingerbread group meeting up in Hereford. I would join it! But this is good, anyway. Sometimes it can feel like you are the only one dealing with life’s problems. But it turns out there are lots of single parents bringing up their children without any support. Getting help can be very time consuming and difficult. With the constant cut backs in charities and services, I wonder how some people are coping at all. I know I for one have had to reach out to food banks, and that is certainly something I never thought would happen to me. Recently I have been thinking that there has to be a better way. It makes me feel very sad to see vulnerable people suffering. When I get things more together for myself and my son, I will think about starting up some sort of group to help support single parents local to me. Help seems to be “bitty” and hard to come by in my locality. Getting legal representation is out of the reach of people who are vulnerable and lack resources. I also feel that those who have suffered domestic abuse are often unsupported due to lack of resources and the burden of proof so often difficult to achieve. I have been encouraged by reading people’s comments on this site. Best wishes to you all.

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    Yes domestic abuse hard to prove. Unfortunately not enough help for victims

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    Thanks Welshdad

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    Liane 245

    Hey @Gingey28 and @Welshdad 👋

    I haven’t been about for a while. I looked into setting a group up but need a secretary and treasurer to come forward. ANYONE LOCAL TO BASILDON!!!! 💗

    I love you positivity.

    Im watching live at the apollo at the moment. I love some of the comedians on here….brilliant show, I’d love to go and watch it live 😉

    Volunteering can be fun @Sherinam.

    I’m hopingbto get over to the Thurrock group this year but have a few hurdles before I can make that venture.

    Keep well all



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    I am new to this group and I am just wondering liane if you still need a secretary or treasurer I am happy to offer my services to you and this group.

    I have just come out of my relationship and need to keep busy and focused. It is also great to receive support myself  and to build new friendships.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all


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