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    Hi, does anyone have some advice for me. I am considering going back to university to study something that I have always been interested in. I work in a field I have fallen out of love with after 17yrs(my health is now affected by my unhappiness in staying complacent in a career I no longer wish to be in) . I am particularly keen to get advice on the practical financial support/benefits single parents get through a 3yr full time study period. Has anyone done this? Did it work out well for you? /Is it working out well for you?

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    There was a lot of support for mature students with children when I did my degree.

    Student loans, maintenance grants, and top up grants directly from the university. I chose a health related degree which had a bursery attached to it, and 80% of childcare costs paid. You can usually claim tax credits aswell on top.

    It wasn’t easy (financially or otherwise), but well worth it in the end. Best decision I made.

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    Thank you so much Purple2018 for your very valuable advice. I will be researching all the support I can get over the next few months as I plan to start in September 2020. I can’t imagine that it would have been easy but I am glad you found the investment well worth it.


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    Hi there maybe as a way of keeping an income you could work for an agency or even delivering pizza ect

    Good luck.

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    Thanks yes I will consider different options

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    Ruby – moderator

    Hi Lonnie,

    I’m one of the Gingerbread moderators. You can always call our helpline for advice about going back to studying and how this will affect your benefits and finances as a single parent. The helpline number is 0808 802 0925

    The helpline opening hours are:

    Mondays: 10am to 6pm

    Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays: 10am to 4pm

    Wednesdays: 10am-1pm and 5pm-7pm

    The helpline is closed on all public holidays.

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    Thank you so much Ruby. That type of one stop advice is exactly what I need. My research is leading me to many different angles… Thank you so much for your very valuable advice

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    Please keep me updated you can do it xxxxxxxxx

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    Robson 2732 Thankyou for the encouragement. I will certainly keep a diary of my process and share it here. I contacted three universities today asking about my ability to apply based on what I have and their entry requirements. I am awaiting their response. A bit nerve wracking thinking about it but the alternative to do nothing and stay where I am is quite demoralising.

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