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    Healing Light

    Good morning all,

    So after 4 months of deliberation i sat down yesterday morning while my child was in preschool and did all the online verification stuff & answering optional questions,  then in the afternoon I uploaded my cv and job requirements. 

    Finances got very hard. Trying ti spread £84 / week over food, bills and clothes was really getting me down. I approached my child’s preschool about a different topic and they asked how i was doing financially as I’d previously said i was struggling. So after a 45 min chat with preschool (i was in tears most of the time) and both the teacher and director telling me to go get financial help. I decided I’d go ahead and apply for universal credit.

    I’ve got my first meeting on march 19th. I requested a Tuesday while my child is in preschool because my child is the type that doesn’t sit still for even a minute.

    Have any of you on uni creds got any advice ? Anything i should know.

    Am a lone parent, no family physically near me to help with child care or baby sitting etc so i wrote a note in the comments explaining my abilities to search for work for 15 hrs only as 35 hrs would mean am not focusing on my child for the 20 other hrs.  I assume I’ll get in trouble for saying it but hey i prefer to be honest and upfront.

    Sorry it’s a longgg post & thanks in advance.

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    Hi Wanderer!

    I have read your email.  Believe me I have been there!  Mine are a bit bigger now!

    Have you thought to find a job as school assistant?  or a school dinner lady where you only work 2-3 hours per day.  Quite good money.  I have done that myself. Other solutions perhaps working in a surgery.  Surgeries are really struggling people to work for them.  They probably would not mind to train you.

    So, that you can get out of this difficult situation.  I hope this it will help you.

    Take care of yourself and your little one.

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    Healing Light

    Greetings Great Mum.

    Oo thank you ever soo much for the work idea in a surgery. I’d never have known if you didn’t say. I didn’t realise anyone could work in a surgery, had the impression that it had to be a nhs type person. You are a gem. I’m going to look into it. There was a list of jobs to be filles in so i put 3 option; admin, library and school cook. I’d pretty much enjoy any of those and construction admin was my job before pregnancy.


    A huge thanks. So very greatful for your help.

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    I’ve just done an application myself after my husband left me and our little baby while I’m on maternity.

    I’m not looking forward to the interview, what if they suggest going back to work early? I planned on having a year as only planned on one child and my husband supported that. Well he did!!

    I dont think it’s fair that our daughter should suffer because hes walked out?

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    Healing Light

    Click on this link & you will see a list of documents. Click on “availability to work” doc

    This website lists full service rules of universal credit that was deposited in the house of commons in 2017.

    It has alot of useful info. From what I have read the primary parent taking care of a 1 year old isn’t required to work then as they chil grows each age group has certain conditions the primary parent has to fulfill. That is for lone / single parents not married folk.

    Million darling, sorry to read what’s happened. Explain it all to your case manager (new fancy name for advisor under legacy benefits) in detail and be honest and say your child is still a baby and you want to stay with your child. Your child will hopefully get child element. Take the birth certificate with you and your passport, any other forms of ID. Fingers crossed

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    Hi Wanderer,

    I had my appt yesterday and just got a UC number?

    I think I will get an appointment with my case manager. Talk through my options? I didnt know I could do this but I want to make sure I get what I’m entitled to.

    I never expected to be in this position 🙁

    Thank you for the suggestion x

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    Hi there

    Its good to see you are all sharing information and offering support.  This is what the forum is all about after all!

    Please remember that at Gingerbread we have a single parent advice line.  The advisers there are really experienced in dealing with financial matters.  They are busy, so please expect to wait until you get through.  I’d recommend getting a cup of tea and some biscuits whilst you wait.

    You can get hold of them by calling 0808 802 0925  Opening hours are: Mon 10 – 6, Tues 10- 4, Wed 10 – 1 & 5 – 7, Thurs 10 – 4, Fri 10 – 4

    Hope that helps.


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    Healing Light

    Hi million.

    I understand it’s very hard. I suddenly had my life change without warning due to abuse and it really hit me hard. I know suffer with depression, anxiety and exhaustion with pain in my bones. No one knows how hard it is until they walk a similar path.

    Am glad you had your meeting already, that’s one step ahead. Yes after you get your uc number then u get an appointment with the case manager. I hope that goes smooth for you. Plz do keep me updated. Don’t feel alone. I have my id meeting in a few days and already had 3 sleepless nights & anxiety about it.

    Take care of you.  Rest when you can.

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