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    Just wanted some advice on Spousal Maintenance as i am having to pay my ex wife £1300 a month for this?

    We have been married for 7 years and are not divorced.

    We have a mortgage together but that is at a big expense to myself as she doesn’t get paid so much.

    She will not work more than 3 days a week and is refusing the idea of moving into a smaller house which would help me?

    She would like to buy me out of our mortgage but that would basically just result in me giving her an extra £300 a month towards Spousal Maintenance!

    I just feel like i wont be able to get my own house and mortgage because of this?

    If any one has any advice that would help – i want the best for all of us but her refusing to even think about moving into a more affordable home makes it difficult for me?

    We have agreed the £1300 ourselves (not legally) so if we were to divorce and go down the spousal maintenance route it may make things worse for me?

    Hope that makes sense?


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    Hi Alan,

    I’ve been through exactly what you’re going through.

    Please feel free to message me. I’m not able to answer directly here as the forum is a public one.


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    Hi Anonymous

    if she buys me out she has to get a second mortgage that I would then have to pay!

    So I would get a lump sum but will have to pay £300 more towards her spousal maintenance!

    Im not sure it’s right that’s all…she can’t demand she stays there so it’s basically impossible for me to get my own mortgage?

    Surely if we both move to cheaper houses that we can both get a mortgage on the courts for example would prefer that?


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    if she took a second mortgage out to stay in the current house she wouldn’t be able to afford to pay it and therefore I wouldn’t be able to have a lump sum of money for my own place (which would house the kids half the month)!

    if we both moved they would then have two settled family homes instead of one?

    i can’t see her refusing to move benefits the kids or myself…I feel she just wants to stay in the better current house.

    any comments would be appreciated

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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