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    I recieve a relatively small maintenance amount from my ex. I live alone.I have a partner ,but he doesn’t live with me, and his income is low.

    I work in minimum wage job 3 days a week, and can’t get any more days work.

    My ex has written to say he wants to stop all payments. He says I should be independent!

    I’ve wanted to get him to increase his payments, but didn’t want to rock the boat.But now I have to act.

    In fact, he owes me maintenance money as he’s never obeyed the index-linked portion of the agreeemnt. This amounts to about  £2k.

    The letter says he has a big mortgage, but he currently earns £11k from his business. This is clearly nonsense- how can he pay his large mortgage on less than minimum wage.

    My problem is the cost of fighting him is so expensive and I don’t have any money to pay solicitors. I own my own property.

    I assume I can’t get legal aid (?). Does this mean I have to roll over and let him stop payments? If I did, I could never pay my bills on what I earn.

    What can I do?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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