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    Hello all,

    I wanted to ask anyone’s experience of the following. My ex and I have been separated for 6 years and our son is 8. We currently live close to each other. Due to wanting to be closer to my parent’s due to health concerns I would like to move 17 miles away. This would mean my ex would have to take a train of 45 mins or drive the equivalent to see him.

    It would also mean moving schools. My son is current in private school, which was not meant to be the case but at the time of divorce there was not room for him in a state school as we both moved at the time of separating. I would like him to go to state school as we both cannot afford private secondary and I would like him to make friends in primary school who he moved to secondary school with. I am also living in a property that is very small, my son has been eating off a tray for the last year and a half but due to the pandemic all the build cost have gone up and I can’t afford the work.

    If we moved to the location I would like to move to I could just about afford a house not a flat. I have reassured him that his contact would remain the same as in it might have to move days or if he did not want this day in the week I am happy to give additional time in Bank Holidays and school holidays. He currently has him every other weekend and one day in the week.

    My ex is refusing to give consent. He is now arguing the school is good for him when last year he was arguing it was too competitive. I know I have to go to mediation first but I understand that I can go to court to get a  Specific Issue Order An order giving directions for the purpose of determining a specific question which has arisen, or which may arise, in connection with any aspect of parental responsibility for a child. For example an order seeking permission to change a child’s surname. I wanted to ask if anyone has experience of this and how long it took and what kind of cost would I be looking at.

    I feel like I have been very reasonable and our reason for moving our in the best interest of our son now and in the long term.

    Any advice would be welcome.


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