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    Hey guys! I’m new here, I understand that this isn’t the place for professional advice I was just hoping for some advice from anyone whose been in a similar position. So my estate agents served me my section 21 because the landlord intends to live in the property and wants their house back. I have no objections to this, they own the house and I rent it and that is the way it s. However I have nowhere to go, I can’t afford the estate agents fees, with the first months deposit and fees they want £1500 up front and whereas I know that I may be able to get help from the bondsman I don’t think I’ll pass the credit checks with the estate agents due to being in debt (not rent arrears just general debt) :-/ I have contacted the council but aside from being very friendly and seemingly helpful they haven’t actually helped at all. I have been in touch with shelter and have an appointment to speak to them on the 6th of June which was the earliest I could get an appointment and the council have said I need to see what shelter say first? I have to be out of my house by June 10th and from what I have read the council seem to encourage people to stay in their houses as long as possible and go down the route of making the landlord take you to court for a possession order and get the bailiffs to get you out and then you can go into emergency accommodation? I really don’t want to go down this route, 1) because as the council said I would be liable for the court costs and have a ccj against me!! 2) I really don’t begrudge the landlord having her house back, I totally respect it! I just have nowhere to go! :-:  I’m praying that this information is wrong and they will help me before I need to be out of here but with two weeks to go I am very anxious and don’t know where to turn? Any advice greatly received

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    I have just been through the same thing.

    The council have a duty of care to try to rehouse you not that this would be straight away

    The council should have a housing option team they are the people to see.

    As far as I am aware you should be given a minimum of 2 months

    You need to see if the notice is legal as my landlord served 3 illegal notice and I wouldn’t of known if I didn’t see my council housing options team

    May I ask what council you come under  if you don’t want to share that go on the web and look up housing options team under your council

    If you want to private message me I’ll try to find it for you


    By the way it’s illegal from the 1st of June for estate agents to charge fees  that’s why I’m moving to my new property on the 4th of June😁


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    Sorry, no advice from experience but I suggest you speak to Citizens Advice and also for professional advice. Good luck Hun x

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