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    My children go to her house every weekend because their dad lives there atm.

    It’s been 3 weeks in a row that my daughter (6) has told me her grandmother tells her it is rude to say :oh my God. She is non practicing protestant (I am catholic).

    Today when they came back from their house she told me she said oh my Gosh, and her grandfather asked his wife (grandmother) if my daughter was allowed to say that, to what she replied :yes, she is allowed. My daughter told her I allow her to do so (she is 6, she doesn’t say it as a blasphemy), and that she said: no!, that she shouldn’t.

    I get for some people is blasphemy, but she never had a problem with that before, only now that her son and I are getting divorce.

    I talked to my daughter and told her to avoid saying that, but honestly I am fuming by the last part, why the need of contradicting me?!. I don’t think age should intervene and my still husband, obviously is taking his mother’s side. (one of the reasons of the divorce) I feel very uneasy and fuming.(besides that coincidentally they return my kids high in sugar).

    Anyone in this kind of situation with the ex in laws that can offer advice?


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    My dad was a regular swearing. Always using the c€@t word when at work. 

    My stepmother on the other hand was a vegetarian church goer.

    I attend church with my kids but tend to go to a few. Being an un married single parent is damning enough save trying to be a devout one.

    I definitely think you should speak to him. Write in a letter how your feeling. If you feel your church will help you address conflicting language then approach them.

    I apologise if I’ve read any of this wrong. 

    Best wishes x

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