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    Hi everyone- new to this site does bear with me. My 25 year old son was in a very casual relationship with a girl last year. Following the death of his previous girlfriend he only wanted a casual relationship. He met a girl and she told him she couldn’t have children due to a childhood illness. Three weeks later she put a letter through his door saying she was pregnant and at first he was very shocked and wasn’t sure whether he wanted to be a dad because he wasn’t emotionally or financially ready. He told me and I told him that we would standby him as a family and there is no way he was walking away from his child. Once he knew he had awful support he was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to be a dad. They were never going to be a couple and midway through the pregnancy he moved three hours away to be with me as he has had some mental health issues previously. They have a tempestuous relationship to say the least and she wouldn’t allow him to go to any scans or any appointments. Her and I had a good relationship and I’ve been extremely supportive all the way through the pregnancy. Last week she sent my son a parenting plan for him to sign which was very one-sided saying that he could see the baby for three hours once a month. We amended the plan and sent it back as she asked us to do if there was anything we wanted to add. This was on Thursday last week. She didn’t reply and sent me a text on Friday & said she had finished work & was now on maternity leave. I text her back and asked her to please contact myself or my son when she went into labour as we live over three hours away and wanted to drive over. Today was her due date my son has been on pins all day. He’s tried to text her over the weekend and had no reply. Tonight she sent him a text and said I’ve had the baby. She then called him and told him what she had called her and her weight etc. She then sent me a text saying meet your granddaughter Esme and a series of photographs. She then sent a paragraph underneath saying that she was born at 04.03 on 19.07.20, which was over 36 hours ago. She had had the baby and been home a day before she let any of us know. I am naturally feeling very upset as is my son. Am I wrong to feel like this or is she out of order?

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