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    I am new on here but would love advice from anyone in the same boat.

    My son is 20. His father & I have been separated for five yrs now. I feel nobody understands what I go through with my son’s social anxiety.

    I have put him into counselling a few times which he didn’t think helped. I have gotten him jobs that he couldn’t continue with. He has tried medication recently but not sure if it’s helping yet.

    He sleeps most of the day & is up most of the night online. He feels he has a few friends that do not stress him out. He has no self confidence, no qualifications and a rather bleak looking future. He is a lovely boy who is funny and loyal to family. He doesn’t drink or anything of that nature. It is his lifestyle & problems that are an awful worry to me. He can bring my own mood down very quickly and it is a real battle for me as I have no family for support. His sister has moved out now but thinks he is a lost cause

    Anyone who has some friendly advice or tips would be lovely

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    I have a child with social anxiety. But it’s been diagnosed early by the school.  (Aspergers)

    It’s only now in the last 10 years recognised at schools.  I would suggest you take your son to doctors. And share your concerns. Possibly enrol him for a college course.  I no he finds it difficult. But I truely believe that push in the direction that they avoid so they can overcome that fear. That makes them anxious.
    he has got into a routine of up all night sleep all day.  Tell him find a job that’s nights.
    I no it’s hard. As your son is an adult. But he may have missed diagnosis at school as it was not heard of as much then.
    the doctors. Would be the best start. I’m happy to chat it you want to message.

    how was your son in the school years. Did he have these issues then?
    or have they come on later.?
    has something significant happened that has made him feel withdrawn.
    or is it too easy to stay at mammas in the bedroom being antisocial.
    either way your son is an adult now. So it’s a lot harder to get him to do anything.  I can imagine.  But moving him forward in a job or college. Is what he needs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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