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    This is my first post. Really hoping I can ge stone good Advice or just a 🤗
    my ex and I have a 50/50 arrangement.
    my ex wanted it, I didn’t, I have up in the end and we have a court order enforcing.
    my son really hates it he always wants to spend more time with me, misses me a lot.
    his dad doesn’t really do much with him, he hasn’t really got any friends and very much a loner type person who keeps himself to himself.
    My son has always not liked 50/50 but over lockdown and without the distraction of school and his friends it’s even worse.
    He is very vocal all the time he’s with me about not wanting to go to his dads, he says he hates dads and he’s so annoying and wants to be with me.
    mum son has been sobbing, crying so much and doesn’t want to go. I always encourage him even though I know it’s a bit rubbish at his dads but I’ve always tried to encourage. You only get one dad at the end of the dad.
    he doesn’t speak to his dad about his feelings and I’ve trued to talk to his dad but he doesn’t want to hear it. He just wants his 50/50 and brushes it all under the carpet saying he’s fine.
    my son was texting me all weekend from his dads begging me to pick him up but I can’t because his dad won’t talk about it and there’s a court order which  I repeat.  even though it’s not right for my son and never has been.
    What shall I do. I feel like just not taking him to his dads. My son is so sad and depressed. I just feel so helpless.
    Apart from applying to the court for a variation what can I do? I just want my son to be happy. He’s so down and it’s so hard to see.

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