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    Zoe G

    I’m after advice please. My eldest son, 11, is having a horrible time when with his dad and step mum on alternate weekends. I’ve tried to speak to his dad and asked him to come to mediation, both of which he has declined.

    i now need to tell him that contact is reducing but my son is worried about upsetting him and also worried he will get angry. How can I manage this? My son still wants to see his dad so has to ‘face him’ at some point.

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    Hi Zoe,

    Are there any specific reasons for your son to cut down the time he spends with his dad?


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    Zoe G

    His dad has 2 new children so my son feels pushed out. His dad also does nothing with him and won’t facilitate him seeing his friends when with him and also went let him use his phone so he can’t contact anyone.

    He says ‘there is no point’ in going there and I sadly agree

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    Can you organise a sports activity for your son and his dad to do together? My ex refuses to do anything with my son so I arrange karate and swimming sessions and ex has to take him to those since they are already paid for and son is expecting to attend.

    Or can you suggest rather than a weekend, they spend a Friday evening quality time together having a pizza and then leave your ex to get back to his new family.

    Alternatively, your son is old enough for the court to listen to his views. And he can’t be forced into a car so just tell your ex his son doesn’t want to spend the weekend lonely and bored.

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