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    Gibbons day

    Hi, My son 14 years old has just returned from his Dad’s house after staying there for 2weeks and told me he is moving to his Dads house. His Dad does not talk to me as all contact is arranged through the children. Last year my son only saw his dad for 4 weekends in the whole years. His Dads has not agreed to any regular contact previously and did not stick to the contact arrangement agreed when we got divorced 9 years ago.

    this has never been previous discussed. His Dad has not contacted me about this and has already contacted schools about moving to a new school.

    i don’t know what to do as his Dad is planning  to collect Dylan and this belonging on Monday. I don’t want to agree to this unless there are proper arrangements in place for he to continue to be involved in my son’s life.

    Any ideas on what to do and where I stand legally. Many thanks

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    Before you go legal, have you asked your ds why?  Is his dad struggling for some reason?  Does your ds think he will do less school work at his father’s?  Who will cook, wash & shop? Who will supervise school work?

    I doubt very much that an alternative school has been arranged in the current lockdown, and that would be my starting point. No move without a confirmed school place.

    Also what about isolation? Is your ex self-isolating or still out working? If so, what happens when he is at work? Your ds is not old enough to be on his own all day every day.

    Say no, – no clothes, no tech etc – until your ex communicates with you properly about your access and everything else.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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