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    hi! I’m new here!

    Myself and my husband split up last September after he had an affair and asked us to leave the family home, me and my son moved back in with my parents, in the last few weeks my son has not been sleeping well and every day he is asking to live with his daddy, tonight he cried and cried because he said daddy is lonely so he’s wants to be with him. My heart broke for him, I tried to explain that daddy made this decision but then he got more upset that daddy doesn’t love mummy, my words all came out wrong, I don’t know how to help, it’s also hurting me because I lost so much and now my son doesn’t even want to be with me.


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    • If he’s seeing his dad I’d be worried that your husband is telling your child he’s lonely.
    • you should never  leave the family home, and legal advice would always be to stay in it. I’d consider moving back and letting him move out.
    • Be honest with your son and reassure him. Perhaps have a calendar where he can see which days he’ll see daddy.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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