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    Hi All,

    I wanted to ask how your children are coping with lock down. I know many parents are struggling but I’m concerned about my son.


    The first week he seemed really happy to be spending lots of extra time with me (I normally work 4days per week while he is at nursery), but now we are in week 3 and he seems to be getting quieter and quieter and I am worrying about his mental health.


    He will be 2 in June.


    Is anyone else experiencing this? Any and all advice appreciated.



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    How are you feeling in yourself at the moment? Having you been feeling mostly sad yourself, if so you could be projecting those feelings onto him? It’s such an intense time. If you are giving him attention and love I’m sure he’s not going to be sad at all. Don’t put pressure on yourself x

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    My own son is 7 and I have to agree that many kids I think pick up on the fact that something bad is happening.

    He has a very good understanding of what’s happening though I’ve had to try to put some of the fearmongering to rest from what he’s picked up from the news.  He did get quite melancholy and started thinking a lot to himself and talking about stuff, after a period beforehand of denial that anything was happening until he started reading more and hearing more etc.

    I think the best thing to do while still being cautious and ensuring guidelines are being followed is to talk about the future and what you will do when all this is over.  While the future is uncertain, to try to give some kind of positivity to focus on both for yourself and your child, it does give that bit of escapism for a while as well as the realization that for many of us this has been a wakeup call and many things we once took for granted are maybe questioned as well as the realization of what and who is important.

    As Hevva said above, kids pick up on everything especially younger ones as the non-verbal communication will be amplified so I think she’s right that to try and ensure that you are in a good place would be a very good starting point.  If your child sees that you are ok, they are more likely to feel ok.

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    Are you both getting some sunshine & exercise everyday.  It’s good to lift both your mood. And definitely talk about something to look forward to. Can you FaceTime other family members or one of the other parents so your little one can say hello over the phone?
    Routine helps too, having a structure to your day. I don’t think anyone is finding it easy.



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    My friends with younger kids have reported they are feeling it worse Than the older ones (5-8yrs). Routine is important- if he was at a nursery try and replicate the order of the day around that if you can. I think they miss socialising with other kids cos it’s important for them. Maybe watch YouTube videos of other children doing nursery rhymes sing a longs to try and replicate “normal” life for him


    my kid is 6 and she’s just starting to seem more sad about it all after a couple of weeks of being pretty unbothered

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