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    Hi all. Single dad in south London here wondering about the best ways of meeting new people. Sent a message to join the Gingerbread group in my area but heard nothing back yet. Has anyone got any experience of other groups that might be good for making friends etc?

    My social circle has become pretty small since becoming a single dad (I’m sure a lot of you can relate) so it would be nice to maybe get to know some people in the same boat! Not sure how to go about it really hence posting here. Maybe this could be a London and London-ish chit chat thread for those of us that are keen to have some new pals that know what we’re going through!

    Cheers and take care!

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    Hi there, this is Sabina and I completely understand you being a single mom of a four month old. Is really difficult to found people to spend time with that are willing to hear about baby’s talking lol. I live in South London just found out about this group . I don’t know about any other group unfortunately. How old is your son/daughter?!

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    I am in the same boat to! I’m in SE London.  Will PM.

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    Hi all,

    <span style=”text-align: center;”>It is testing times we are in now and understanding the feeling, it would be nice to meet up with others around london</span>


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    Hi is anyone up for a few drinks tomorrow night?

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    Completely understand the feeling of social circles becoming smaller when you become a single parent!

    It’s draining and you feel as though you’re on your own all the time.

    I’m based in North London if you ever wanna chat!


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    Hi mate, totally get what you mean – I’m a single Dad too, in East London – just bumping this as there must be more of us in London!?

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    Hey all, just thought I’d check back in. Been a while since I started this thread so it’s very nice to see a few of you saying hi. I’m a bit knackered at the moment so I’m going to have a bit of a think and post back soon to see what people’s’ thoughts/ideas etc are about what to do next. Love x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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