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    i dont envy them, their massive resposibility…they literally hold life in their hands sometimes. THE ISSUE…when you drop that much weight on someones shoulders, is it surprising that they can no longer see, or distiungish right from wrong…..when the overwhelming feeling tells them one thing, but they HAVE to spew out some automated, scripted, robotic responce ??? through fear of repocusion ??..I WOULD TO !…..but, i believe in the human spirit, good will always overcome bad……..well dream on, horrible crap happens to good people every day, always has n always will. Before you think i am a crazy person….the reason for this post is to hopefully give those that need it strengh…..if you can turn negative thoughts n feelings to positive ones, you will prevail…see yourself differntly, do not let ANYONE hold ya back…..RISE ! ……am i starting to sound passionate ? D

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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