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    Separated for 9 months in middle of divorce etc. One minute ex is ‘nice’ to me, the next he’s not – making me feel very confused. Ex has been adding some single girls on Facebook, he’s liking everything one particular girl is posting. She’s reciprocating liking most (but not all) posts on his page, but she’s becoming friends with masses of single blokes. Do you reckon he’s moved on and is seeing her? Place your bets!

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    It must be very hard to see… Separation is never straightforward. I know it is hard as I have been there and might have waves of confused feelings at times, but accepting that my ex was gone was the best thing I did for myself, for my sanity, and helped me shift the focus to me and my son and slowly feel better and better.

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    your better off blocking your ex partner on social media. pay not attention to what they get up to. it’s no good for you. It’s better that we focus on our own life and trying to improve it.

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    Once my wife and I separated I deleted Facebook from my phone. I didn’t want to see what she was posting on Facebook and wanted to use the energy and time I’d been putting into Facebook into the kids and my life. It was a good decision amd I feel much better for it.

    I’d urge anyone in a similar situation to do the same.

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    I second what everyone here said! Do not waste invaluable time and energy checking out what he posts and – even worse!-  what other people post on his page!!

    Enjoy the times where your ex is “nice” to you (it’s better not to be at war!) but don’t take it as a sign that he’s changed his mind. Even if he had, would you want him back after all that ?

    Take care and unfriend him 🙂


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    Hey hope your ok. Social media stinks and people do cause upset over it

    I’ve just dumped my fella for the millionth time. Had an operation and he ain’t bothered to be here why waste my time on his games and he blocks me or switches off phone. Really need to recover well he isn’t helping

    Block your ex be in control. I’ve done that tonight. Everyone is right with their advice. Hope all works out for you. Focus on you and onwards and upwards to the future hey

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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