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    Please read through.. I know long posts can be a little boring.. but I really do need some advice.. thank you..

    Hi I am Adam 35.. with a 9 year old daughter.. I won full custody in January.. long story short.. we live in a privately rented property.. it is privately rented by my mother, uncle and brother.. it is a 3 bedroom house.. my cousin also lives here.. in total there is 6 of us including me and my daughter..

    We sleep in my mum’s room with my daughter on a camp bed.. my mother sleeps on the sofa downstairs.. she is very unwell. she suffers from epilepsy, hemifacial spasms, severe headaches etc.. this property is in Ealing borough..

    My daughter schools 15 miles away in a different borough.. that we both lived in since her birth.. I moved away in 2015 when I left the family home.. I applied for social housing at that time and a housing officer messed up my application and I was rejected.. 3 years on and I have been placed on the register due to special circumstances.. because my daughter schools there and her mother is local plus her friends etc.. we was placed on Band D.. I applied for my band to be reviewed.. it was and I have been told that I will not be moved up a band.. this may not sound like much but to us this is devastating..

    I am looking for someone who may have specialised knowledge on this subject.. it is one step forward and 10 steps back.. I have been suffering from headaches for over two years and have been placed on a low dose of antidepressants.. I have told the council in question everything but I am not getting anywhere.. I feel like I am starting to lose myself and can not find the way out..


    Any advice would be great.. thank you in advance..



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    Anonymous thank you for the in-depth response.. I am replying via mobile so forgive me for the typos etc..

    I guess the child tax credits are now sorted.. tell me if I am wrong.. I get just above £16500 a year.. no working tax credits and about £48 a week child tax credit.. does that sound about right to you?..

    Anonymous I am guessing you do not live in London? Or maybe a less shitier part of London than where we live..

    Considering my daughter has been through many a year of emotional abuse I want her to remain in the same school.. with the same teachers and friends..

    All of your points are valid.. and gives me something to think about.. I find it very difficult to let go of the thought of social housing as I feel it is the responsibility of the government/council to support us as I was promised this and more before the court order was put in place.. I also find it difficult to let go when it is very easy for other people to be house and or relocated..

    I just wanted to see if anyone here had been in the same boat and found a way forward.. talking of boats.. I may as well put me and my daughter in one and rock up to the shores of England.. I am sure we would be housed then.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I guess my next step is to get legal advice.. no legal aid for social housing.. 😬


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    Hi Snoogy

    Thanks for posting your story on the forum, we hope other posters can help you and provide support.

    You may want to contact Shelter who provide specialist housing advice. They have a helpline you can call on 0808 800 4444.

    Take care.


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    thank you Anonymous and thank you Ross.. I will indeed give them a call and try to sort something out.. I have a few more options before I give up..

    I am currently holding down a full-time job.. I have to work through lunch so I can leave to pick my daughter up from school.. now she is off it is ok.. I have be declined any time off over the 6 weeks holiday..  I am also becoming more and more stressed.. the Dr has put me on some meds to help with the constant headaches I am having.. financial I am struggling too.. it’s just all becoming a little bit to much at the moment.. hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel for us..

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    Hi there, I just joined literally 30 minutes ago, so forgive me if I’m not meant to ‘jump in’ and comment?!?! Anyway, each council has the equivalent of what my own one locally calls a ‘Benefits Maximiser’. They are someone who basically knows all there is to know about housing issues, benefits, disability issues but most importantly, if they don’t, they’ll find someone for you who does.

    I might also add that the Citizens’ Advice Bureau are incredibly helpful and seem to be extremely resourceful. Plus, your local MP may well be in a position to swing some lead – definitely worth a try!! I can feel your exhaustion and despair. You WILL get there, just got to dig deep!!

    God Bless. Xx

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    Ps You should be entitled to around £20 Child Benefit too x

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