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    My husband said to me last week ‘have you accepted our marriage is over ?’  This came as a shock to me. We had been having problems and I knew he had had a relationship with another woman ,but we had been to counselling and were trying to move forward together.

    Now he is pushing me to sell the house, split the equity and just move on with our lives . We have  a 16 year old at home who is due to take exams this may.

    I’m still in shock. He rarely comes home at the moment, says its none of my business where he’s staying or where he is.

    Do I have any rights? I feel so out of control at all the moment. Any advice from anyone would be gratefully received.

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    Some mediation might be useful because as he’s not staying in the house so it might be possible to come to an arrangement whereby the family home is kept on until your son moves to Uni. Frankly, if you put the house on the market tomorrow it’s not going to have sold until the summer hols when exams are over and mediation may help to protect him from any emotional impact until after the exams for his benefit. I can’t see him not being persuaded that this is essential for his son who has got nothing to do with the state of your marriage anyway. He just needs to be made to see that you can accept his point of view but in the interest of the son, there are ways making it work for all three of you.

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    I really appreciate your replies. It’s so helpful to hear your thoughts. At the moment he’s still paying mortgage and bills as that’s what he’s always done. I’ve paid food bills and kids stuff(one heading to uni in September too)  could you enlighten me for not spousel maintenance? I haven’t heard of this.

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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