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    Okay so here goes. I’m 39 and I am 3 months pregnant with my ex partners (25) baby. I’ve made him aware, gone through the “Are you sure its mine?” “What do you want, money?” “I’m not ready to be a dad, you did it on purpose”, all the moody responses I had hoped wouldn’t occur but now to add insult to injury his Sister has added to the heartache. If he chooses to be there for the baby then she will have nothing more to do with him.
    Yes our relationship had been hard and I didn’t want to break up, we had been together for three year. I didn’t plan to get pregnant, I was on the pill but he didn’t like using condoms. I feel like everyone is blaming me, that I’m out to ruin his life. I feel so hurt and low. I don’t want to have an abortion but I do feel that this is what they are all hoping I’ll do.
    I am residing myself to the fact that I will be raising this child on my own but I wanted him to have a part in the child’s life. I feel so upset and low.<!–/data/user/0/–>

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    I’m so sorry for what your going through I’m currently just under 8 months pregnant and my ex did walk out when I was 9 weeks and the last few months I wont lie have been hell BUT not for one minute now am o regretting my decision to keep going.


    Yes it will be tough on you but if you want this baby you will find a way. I wont prise you a happy ending where your ex will come around but the happiness a child brings is incomparable.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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