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    Hello everyone


    I’ve been with my partner on and off for 13 years I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with a 1 year old a 3 year old a 7 year old 8 year old and 12 years old at home , my partner works as a security guard although I have not seen a penny off him in years , he never get a paid , he never has a wage slip ,he can’t get into his banking and every other excuse going . It’s not money im after,  it support , he always choses jobs which are at least an hour away from him for 12 to 14 hour shift meaning he is never here unless he is asleep . All my family are deceased , I hAve no friends I have no support and I can’t cope any longer . He promised me after the last baby that I wouldn’t be doing this alone and yet here I am again . Struggling ,panicking,lost. And now I really don’t want this baby girl. I have nothing at all for her . He keeps saying we will go shopping but with all the others he made me go shopping at 39 weeks . I need this to stop I need to escape . I will do this alone but I can’t do it whilst he is here living at my home as a free bed and breakfast and watching me crying and struggling everyday not giving one . Please help me someone , I want to be relocated I want to socialise,  I want a life . I’ve been a mum all my life and I need help to change.

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    Hi there sorry to hear about your struggle it might be worth talking to your gp or midwife otherwise you might end up being depressed which is not good also try to contact women’s aid they might be of help depending on where you live

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