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    So up till probably 2 weeks ago I was taking this single parent stuff on the chin, I thought I had it sussed and as for feelings over my ex I thought I had the whole thing sorted, there was no tears, he told me he felt like he had made a huge mistake a couple of times and I was the one to say more or less “tough” and I was starting to enjoy the peace and quiet in the evening when the kids went to bed and I could cath up on my programmes, not worry about sharing the hot water with another adult so laying in the bath for ages because ei could just keep topping up the hot, going to bed when I wnated to etc…!

    Scince then I don’t know what’s happened to me, I seem to be having regular panic attacks which come out the blue, in the evenings I can’t stop my mind for wondering what my ex and his new gf are doing and I’m not gunna lie I just sob. Today has been particularly tough with the kids not behaving at all but I had a conpketky mor eor less sleepless night last night just due to not being able to switch off about what my ex is doing etc and ultimately crying from last night up until about 2 minutes ago o the point my eyes are so sore the skins peeling. It’s like I’ve hut a black hole and I can’t bet my way out of it and I don’t know how I will ever come out again. I dont know of its the fact he’s in a new relationship and all I can do is be jealous, I don’t know if its the fact of feeling lonely and lost and just wjating someone to give me a hug or of its the fact of single parenting and that I’m just not coping like I feel I should. I’ve started welling up again so I shall say thank you and goodnight because my eyes can’t take much more! X

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    Hi, Xmas can be a bugger as a single parent. All those films full of dewy eyed couples and families sharing vast meals. I’m here with just my ds too. Lots of us on here I expect.

    what your ex is doing really doesn’t matter. He’s still a creep. You’ll be fine. Focus on having the best Xmas with your kids. Do some baking or play daft board games, make Xmas biscuits together, take lots of pictures to share. Cuddle your little ones, they love you above all.  💐

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    Sorry to hear about what you are going through. I feel lonely too now my wife had took my step daughter and left. The house feel so empty and quiet without them. I couldn’t stop crying for 2 weeks straight, but eventually the tears dried up and I slowly accepting this crappy situation I am in. Sometimes I do wonder what my wife is doing right now, is she with someone else.

    Try stay focus on the kids, draw some strength from your love for them.



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    Mummytomyminions your doing a wonderful job and don’t be hard on yourself.  It’s so hard when your mind wanders and start overthinking and then the kids drive you mad on top and it’s just a vicious cycle.   I do exactly the same what I try to do when my mind starts wandering i right down at least 3 things I’m grateful for (or more if I can think of them) and try and focus on them and it makes me happy again.  It’s all a grieving process and there will

    be ups and downs but you will get through this xx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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