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    Does anyone want to a cyber friend? I am unbelievably lonely. I relocated two years ago to be nearer to family. This plan has somehow back fired as I never see anyone. Though, I do love where I live, so no regrets in moving. I study at university on a full time basis from home, volunteer within a few local primary schools each week and have my children completely full time. I don’t actually get a chance to make friendships when volunteering, as I’m only in each school for a few hours each week and it’s to support the pupils learning (not make friends). I’m also quite shy when I don’t know people, though never shy around children. I’ve been a student at uni for four years now and have loved it. Though it is very demanding of my time and stressful. I still love knowing that I’m always getting closer to obtaining my dream job. I really just feel very lonely. I can go weeks to months before I get to speak to an adult. I do enjoy my own company, but every one needs friends.


    Im sorry I’ve rambled a bit.

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    Sounds like you’ve worked hard to get to where you want to be.  It’s always good to hear when someone’s pursued a dream and on their way to achieving it.



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    Hi Lazybeachdays,

    Welcome to the forum ☺

    You’ll find that there are many of us here that suffer from loneliness, it’s a horrible thing to feel, my own form of loneliness isn’t the same as yours as I guess I’m quite a social person and I get to chat a lot in one of my jobs. However it’s when I get home that loneliness gets to me, I have my son most of the time but that’s far different than having a partner especially now he is a teenager who needs me far less than he used to. I would love to have someone to think about when I’m not with them and for them to think of me. I’ve been single for around 3 years and it’s really starting to suck.

    The best thing that you can do is keep posting here, sometimes it takes a little while but that’s just the nature of the site so don’t be disheartened if the response you get can at times be a little slow, it’s nothing personal. In the past when I used the site a lot I built up some really good cyber friendships here with some great people both male and female who provided a lot of support for me and I like to think I provided support for them. There are people here with all different backgrounds and ages so if you keep posting you’ll be sure to find folk that you click with.

    And remember, you’re not alone.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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