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    First time posting. I’ve been a single parent for almost 9 years. My kids are 10 and 12.

    I was in a relationship that ended in the summer. I’ve been finding things really difficult recently. I cry more often, feeling lonely and sad.

    Nobody really to talk to. I used to talk to my mum but she gets so upset and stressed that she asked me not to tell her all the doom and gloom stuff anymore. I have no friends (people eventually stop contacting you when you have no freedom I’ve found).

    my ex sees the kids one afternoon at the weekend.
    When I split from my boyfriend in the summer there were a few different reasons but one of the main reasons was my 12yo disliked me being with him. She made it so difficult to be happy. Everyone keeps telling me I should stay single until she is an adult and able to deal with it.

    i honestly don’t know what to do. I do work but I work in a school which isn’t the best place to be at the minute. It’s so separated and I don’t see my work friends much. I come home and I’m mum.

    i honestly feel like I hate my life and I have nothing to look forward to.

    anyway I don’t particularly need replies, just needed to get it off my chest

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    Hi, we all feel like this sometimes and I can sympathise.  Being in an unhappy relationship can be a very lonely experience too, so you have to be really lucky to have a genuinely complete life I think. It makes it worse when other people portray the perfect life on social media at this time of year – making you feel like a a bit of a failure. It’s usually just fake, window-dressing though.

    As my dad says, “you never know what’s round the corner”.  Stay strong and enjoy your kids. Hope you feel better soon.

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    I don’t enjoy them though. I spend all my time fixated on how I ended up with an ex who sees them a few hours a week and I’m stuck in the house all the time. The kids don’t want to do anything with me unless it’s something that usually costs a bomb. I dont have the money to take them out on expensive days out and so they’re not interested.

    i agree about social media. Everyone’s Christmas and Hogmanay looked amazing and ours was just average. Even the kids kept saying it doesn’t feel like Christmas.

    any ideas how to get myself out of this slump? I can’t go out without them so getting a hobby or joining a class isn’t really an option, and they don’t want to do anything, I don’t have any real friends, nobody to talk to. My youngest keeps asking why I’m so sad. I wish I wasn’t but I can’t seem to make myself happy

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    I spent Christmas evening with just me and my little boy. It will get better, find a hobbie or start a good book, series,  make a few hours your time when the kids are in bed.

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    Aw I’m sorry to hear you feel this way Laura, I emphathise with you completely. I’ve been in a relationship for 19 years and it’s ending now, felt alone for a long time emotionally so I’m not worried about that but I am worried about being physically alone (if that makes sense) 3 children under 12 so I will be in the same boat. People have said we have to go through the hardest times to get to the good ones and that feel scary but I know it’s gota be better than not feeling loved or wanted. I can’t suggest anything sorry lovely but I’m here if  want to chat. x

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    Hi hun. I’m in a similar situation, it’s very lonely, sometimes I feel like running away. It’s not so good when you have no one to talk to especially someone similar to yourself. Drop me a message if you like X

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    I’m lonely too. I’ve been a single mum to my 12 year old for two and a half years and it still really hurts. I just don’t feel I’m a valid family because there are just the two of us.


    I miss being a family so much.  I really wanted more children I am 40 so that shop has sailed.

    I am an only child of aging and ill parents and I fear one day being totally alone.

    I have friends but somehow when they message me and ask how I am, I don’t tell them the truth.

    I just want my old life back so much.

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