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    This time of year just makes me realise how small my social circle still is and I am struggling to change this. It was my birthday this week and the only people to wish me ‘happy birthday’ was my mum and my 4 year old. This is something I woukd like to try and change in the coming year.

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    Hey Mamma101, sorry to hear that you are feeling so lonely. To increase your contact with other (potentially like-minded) people, can you volunteer with something that you’re interested in? Or do you have any hobbies / interests that you have put one side since having children? Fitness classes? All great ways of meeting people 😊x

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    I know how you feel, I’ve just left a 10 year emotionally abusive relationship. I’m starting in a new area, Stoke on Trent, completely alone with my 3 little ones 9, 8 & 5. I have no friends or family here and no absolutely no one, not that I had a large social circle where I’ve come from, my ex saw to that one. Anytime you fancy a chat drop me a line 🙂

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    I did a lot of volunteering before my daughter arrived.  I also took her to toddler and child groups which was free. From there I met people.

    So we have been out every day. The lady who  use to run the crèche baby sits for us and I pay her . Today I had 2 hours to myself where I got round the shops and picked up some bargains.  My child went to this ladies house but didnt have to pay her  because she felt sorry for us.The last time  my family helped was 4 years ago . Today my daughter got invited to soft play by the old child minder so we are going to meet on Friday . I haven’t looked back and felt sorry .I made a time table and stuck to it  . So far so good.

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