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    I’m new here. I became a single mother to my son last year. My ex was abusive with me all throughout my pregnancy and I’m finally safe and my son is safe with me. I wasn’t prepared for motherhood, my whole life turned upside down because my ex controlled me and I wasn’t allowed to work or go out at all. Nowadays, I have bills mounting up to pay and I’m in the process of claiming benefits. And I’m hoping to study for a degree so I can work too. I’m a stay at home mother for now and thankfully my Father helps me a little but I don’t like to ask for so much help because I am responsible for my son and his future. The problem I have is that I quit University twice when I was 18 and 19. I had anxiety and battled depression for a while before knowing my ex. So I know I am not eligible to receive Student Finance help to study for a new degree. The Open University degrees only work with Student Finance England and I don’t know where else I can apply to Does anyone know of any grants I can be eligible for? Thanks


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    I went through a similar problems.. youngest is 14 months and I want to go back to doing a degree. However I have no more years left as I have also dropped out twice due to pregnancies, domestic violence, family court etc and of recent debt problems. I’m currently suffering depression and anxiety. So I totally understand.

    best advise would be speak to SFE

    you have to write a detailed letter explaining what you had experienced and any evidence backing this up: crime reference numbers, supporting letters some services you have accessed, child birth certificate. SFE can give you more detail on this.

    in terms of courses; many universities have access courses; year 0, some even have an evening class you attend 1 day a week (say for 6weeks). Mature students trying to get back into education.

    Hope that helps and if you have any questions- I’m more than happy to answer x

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    Hi there

    This is an interesting question and it is good to see you chatting.  Because you have both spoken about anxiety and depression it may be an idea to contact Elefriends which is set by Mind.  There may well be people that have been in similar situations and they could have suggestions for you too.  Here are their details.

    • Mind’s Elefriends forum is an anonymous 24/7 forum with an app, to talk about whatever you want to a highly supportive, lively online community:

    You also both spoke about being in relationships where Domestic abuse was an issue.  The national Domestic violence helpline will be able to provide support in this area.

    • National Domestic Violence helpline – for support with regards to historic abuse  Freephone, 24-hour: 0808 2000 247

    Hope that helps, Justine

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    Hi, I study with the Open University, where do you live?. Also you said you quit uni twice, years ago. Well if you didn’t finish the qualification you signed up for and if you were not awarded any qualifications as you didn’t finish, are you not able to apply for funding again? I think if you complete the qualification you can’t get funding for the same one HND, HNC etc I may be wrong though.  Call the Open uni and find out, it has turned my life around.

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