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    Hello. New to here and recently split. Finding it hard at the minute that despite going through the normal feelings, I’m worried that my support network is small to help in the future. Things were never 100 percent with me and my ex but the good times were everything I wanted but our rows were horrendous. They’d go from nothing to ww3 over the slightest things and there was very little resolve. Anyway I’m not here to bad mouth my ex but I was dumped and the only thing I’ve had was “it’s not working”. The last few weeks together was just very frosty. A few nasty snipes at me, I ignored them but couldn’t sleep in the same bed due to the iceberg between us so I went in the spare room. She couldn’t bring herself to tell me to go so I asked her if that’s what she wanted. (I was sick of it TBH) she couldn’t look at me to reply and just nodded her head. My nerves are shattered. I’m doing my best but feel my world has become tiny. Was just seeing what people do to reach out for help at times like this. Thanks.

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    Hi there,  I share your pain,  I am also new here in the process of separating with 3 children.  Its so painful.  I can’t really believe i joined this forum on Xmas day!  Guess support networks take time to grow and develop and my friends are not separated or going through this horrendous thing.  Happy to talk to you

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    1. Hi Ladies am new here too just join today. I have recently been divorced and a single mom of a 5 year old. And it’s been difficult am also hoping to find a network of single moms were we can motivate and encourage each other.
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    Hi all,  I’m not new to here but been off GB for a while due to different reasons.. hope u r all doing ok and got through Christmas ok. This site really helped me through difficult times and chatted to some nice people.. just really nice to have something to pop onto when you are feeling bit isolated x

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    Hi,I’m new on here as well.

    Yes,that’s so true.Where I am, being divorced/separated/troubled marriage is looked down on,completely stigmatized socially & in my kids schools .Ridiculous bc as I’m on my own with my kids I work so much harder to achieve everything my fam/friends manage between 2of them.Personally I think I’m a survivor,Wonderwoman actually.This is a good place to come for those 😑 days…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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