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    Hi everyone I signed up for a website Single with Kids. It’s not necessarily that I want to go on dates and find someone new, it was more a case of mixing with some parents with kids for a bit of adult company and conversation.

    However, I found that although I get messages, when I responded to them I receive nothing back.

    And I have become suspicious of the whole thing.

    Does anyone else have any experience of the websites and can give me their opinion or views on it? Is it just that I’ve been a bit of bad luck trying to connect with like-minded people or generally do you think it’s a bit of a scam?

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    Hi Anonymous,  yes I have paid but yeah I guess maybe if they haven’t they can’t see the messages seem very strange!

    The annoying thing is I don’t actually want to date anyone, I just thought a bit like gingerbread it might be a way to meet some new people, have some conversations and help me not feel so lonely and isolated.

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    That is annoying, isn’t it? Maybe if you’re not interested in dating then a dating site isn’t the right place to visit. If you mentioned that in your replies, it’s probably why you’re not getting responses. I’m no expert, it’s just the first thing that came to mind.

    Try looking into local single parents groups (or set one up). Maybe you’ll meet some new people you don’t want to date and who would be ok with that.

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    Hi Empty! I understand what you’re saying it was more a case of me saying I don’t want a relationship, I’m OK going on ‘dates’ but a lot of the profiles seem to be looking for something similar.

    I take your point entirely though, but it just seems odd that I didn’t get single response.

    I put it out there to see if anyone had used it and had the same experience.

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    I used it and for the same reason you joined  just trying to meet new people and have people to have a chat with. From what I experienced not many single parents on there and quickly gave up

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    I think I’d be wary of paying for any of these type of websites.

    From memory you can register with Plenty of Fish for free and set it up that you’re looking for friendships rather than anything else.

    Good luck!

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    Try meet up. .it’s free and they do different  activities.

    I joined a dating site and have made a few friends but nothing romantic .

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    Thanks Sherima, I have used a meet up for business network so yes it might be a very good idea thanks

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    Thanks Crawley mum of 2, yeah it’s a bit difficult one because I don’t actually want to date someone as such this was more that it was a single parent with kids website so I thought I’m not going to be some people that just wanted a bit of company for a few drinks socially expecting to have any romantic connection

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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