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    I’m a single dad of 3 and split up from my partner 11 months ago she leaved me the day after vasectomy I did not want but felt like I had too as she said if I did not go throw with it she was leaving but I never knew she all ready had a house and new partner waiting she did not want me to have kids with anyone else so book me in my fault but that aside she making it hard to see kids I do have them every weekend but lately she be charging me a lot of money for happying them and I cant keep paying it and I’m aloud not family or friends round when I have them and if I get a new partner she says she stop access what to do

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    Op, are you in the UK?

    If so, you can go to court and get an access order saying when you can see your children and how frequently. Your ex does not have the right to set rules like who you are with or whether your family see them, unless there is a safeguarding risk.  Call the Gingerbread hotline for advice on how to do this.

    You can also open a CMS claim that will set out the maintenance you should pay. It will be a % of your income. Go onto the the CMS web site and enter in your income and other details to the calculator to get an estimate. At least it will be a predictable amount each month and you can budget for it.

    Good luck

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    Thank u kathy I’ll look in to that’s right away its hard to find right info as there just so much on google x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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