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    Im asking this question as Ive been trying to help a friend.

    She is a single parent, 1 child of 10 yrs old, she works 35 hrs per week.

    She has met and been in a relationship for a while with a guy and the next step would be to look at him possibly moving in.

    This guy dosnt work due to ill health, he gets income related ESA with an added element because he lives alone (i think thats what its for?) and he gets PIP, the lowest mobility and the enhanced daily living.

    She gets WTC, CTC, Child benefit.

    Since the introduction of UC i believe its no longer possible to simply add him onto the existing tax credit award… Is that correct?

    I assume his Income based ESA would end? He hasnt enough contributions to claim contribution based ESA…

    Is there anyone familiar with the benefits system who could advise?

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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