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    My partner left after finding out I was pregnant after being together for 5 years.
    He has been very hurtful, cruel and nasty and his parents have also joined in.
    Has anyone else gone through a pregnancy alone? It has been hard dealing with a break up on top of a pregnancy.
    I am lucky I have very supportive family and friends and know I will be ok.

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    Hey Bridget, that sounds tough. Does he not want to be involved in anything about your child? I have just recently broken up with my bf and found out I am 7 weeks pregnant. Still haven’t told him yet, he is the kind of guy who will make life impossible if he doesn’t get it his way.

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    Hi Maria,

    he said at the start he wants nothing to do with any of it, then his mother has said they will be seeking 50 50 from birth. But as for now, he wants nothing to do with me, no communication and said he will see what’s best for him at the time. He does suffer mental health issues but I never expected this behaviour at all.
    I feel for you, I held off telling this guy until around 7 weeks and he was threatening his life when I said I couldn’t terminate. He wouldn’t even discuss options, he told me he had even looked up ways to get the pill and to get me to take it without my knowledge.
    why are some guys such weak boys and others strong men who own up to their action and responsibilities? I hope it goes better than you’re expecting xx

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    I’m 32 weeks pregnant and the babies father has decided he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me after 3 years of us been together, I was so in love with him and my heart is physically broken!
    I don’t know how to be civilised with him while I’m left alone to bring up the baby and he can get on with his life! I feel if I continue to have to see him I will never ever move on and get over him, he has been So nasty and horrible and so has his mother, I don’t know how to get over this or in to a good place to be able to deal with what I should do, I want the best for our daughter but I don’t feel the best for me will to be around him. I feel helpless and Betrayed of all the things he promised me! Can anyone give any tips or has been through something similar?

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    I completely get where you’re coming from. It is so hard and something that no matter what others say, you don’t feel better.
    my advice is be strong, block numbers/contact to help you. I found this so hard but no contact was better than the abuse I was receiving. Focus on yourself and that beautiful baby as you 2 are the most important thing to stay happy and healthy throughout this journey.

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    Hey I know you wrote this a week ago so not sure if you will see it. Just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy. This is such a special time and you don’t want to look back and feel like you didn’t experience it properly because you were so upset and worried about your situation. I know that things must be so tough for you right now, especially with all the strange feelings that come with pregnancy. But try to focus on the bond between you and your little one because trust me once they come along your bond will be so strong that nothing in this world can destroy it and you will get through anything. I went through my pregnancy alone from start to finish and had to watch my child’s father carry on as if we didn’t exist, with his beautiful girlfriend while I was becoming a fat whale lol. But now my daughter is three years old and is the happiest, funniest, smartest and sassiest little woman and I am so proud because I raised her all by myself. No matter what the outcome of your situation, you are a mummy now and your child needs to grow up seeing that you would never let someone disrespect you, hurt you and abuse you. So don’t tolerate that behaviour from your child’s father and when your child is older they will understand. You don’t need to try to gain love and affection from someone who is nasty and hurtful to you, your child is going to love you more than anyone in this world and think you are their hero even on your crappiest days. Be strong as I’m sure you already have been to get to this point. You need to focus on you right now so don’t let any bad vibes into your zone. Everything else can be worked out later. If your worst scenario is doing this alone then that really isn’t so bad. I have done it and continue to do it and I’m proud that I’ve protected my child from nastiness, arguments and an unhappy world. Don’t let anyone into your family who doesn’t put your child’s happiness at the forefront, and that includes your happiness too. Oh and there is a stigma attached to doing it alone, but I am about to start a masters degree, have a good social life and honestly I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Believe in yourself.

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