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    Hi all,

    I’m a single mum, full time (my daughters dad hasn’t even met her) I’m almost 30 and living in Essex after moving from East London. Wanting to make some new friends as I don’t know anybody here!

    My daughter is almost 10 months


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    Welcome to the forum.

    Please don’t worry if your thread is a little slow on responses, it’s nothing personal, if you keep posting on different threads you’ll soon build up some online friends.

    Have you checked out to see if there’s any local gingerbread groups to you? Here’s a link:

    All the best


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    hey I am not in essex but im in the same boat my ex hasnt seen our daughter since she was six weeks old.

    I live in an area with no friends and finding weekends and evenings lonley x

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    Liane 245

    👋 Hello.

    Im essex based. Going through the motions of setting up a group and hoping to arrange a ‘back to school’ get together in September.

    Probably an afternoon in southend or similar.

    I’ll send you a friend request over 👩

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    Thank you Mark!

    I’ve sent a message to the group local to me, just waiting to hear back 🙂

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    Hi Liane,

    Sounds great, thank you!  Southend isn’t too far from me (just over an hour) I’d be willing to drive to any groups! Please keep me updated! 🙂

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    It’s hard isn’t it! I try my best to get chatting to other mums at baby groups but am yet to meet a friend!

    If ever you fancy a chat just send me a message!

    Hope you and baby are keeping well 🙂

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    Hi I’m 6 months pregnant and single living in Essex. I’m 36 happy to meet up and make new friends xx

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    Liane 245

    Hey Samsinglemumtobe,

    I hope your enjoying  your evening.

    If you check out the groups link theres now a Basildon based Gingerbread group link.

    I’ve had a few peopke intrest and next week will be approaching the trustees at the host venue to hopefully secure a regular place to meet.

    Then in September I will try and arrange an afternoon get together in Southend. Not just for Basildon SPG but maybe a few of the Essex / London based groups.

    Its a long process but potentially mid September Basildon SPG will be up and running xxx 🙂

    In the meantime there are other groups out there so don’t be scared to check out the groups link 😉

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    Hello, I’ve just joined up tonight. I am a single parent to a toddler and a 1 year old and I’m based near Colchester. Their father lives in Germany and sees them once every 3 or 4 months, if that. I help run a toddler group, which is great but we haven’t had a single parent come down since I moved to the area a year ago!

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    I am 5.5 months pregnant and single (ex left me 3 weeks ago) 35 and lI’ve in Ipswich so not far from Essex.

    I would be keen to meet up too for support.

    Hannah x

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    Im also happy to meet up.

    I am 35 and 5.5 months pregnant after just having my partner leave me 3 weeks ago and am struggling.


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