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    I’m soon to move out of my current place and would love to explore opportunities to house share with other single parents.

    I’m a professional, with an 11 year old and 1 year old who live mainly with their Mothers but stay weekly with me.

    I currently live north London but I like west most and would probably be happy with any area.


    Please get in touch if you are interested or have any suggestions to help me out, my current place is history from mid March! 🙈

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am a single mum of three lovely children. 11yo son, 4/5 yo girls.

    I am looking for any single parent with kids of close ages that we can share a house together,we can maybe get a 4 bedroom house and share with our kids and support each other. Sometimes we need our alone time, work, childcare, movies or girls night out. Kids can have playmates and not be bored.
    If you are interested, I am looking for a house around Kent or Essex and will want to move when the kids go on holiday in July/Aug, 2021.

    Please private message me if it sounds like you.

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    Hey, I recently moved back from Australia with my nearly 3 year old son.

    Im looking for a flat share in central London for 2-3 months from June but I’m flexible with dates.

    Its always been a dream to live in the big city. Some of my passions are- vegetarian, yoga and pilates, outdoors, adventures and I loves animals

    Francesca 🙂

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    I’m a 26 year old single mum and student just finishing her second year at university in London.

    It would be a dream for me to find another single parent who wants to rent together, split bills and share the rent on a place in London.
    My son is 6, adorable, but an only child with not much family around to play with. My hope is that he’d gain a friend to spend time with and us Mummies would gain company and support, as it is quite difficult parenting, heck adulting, alone. For me, it’s a perfect scenario. If anyone’s interested or knows how to go about finding this sort of arrangement, please do reply.

    Thanks, Moon.

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    Hi , Are you still looking for accommodation to share with a single parent ?

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    Hi all,


    anyone still looking to share accommodation with a single parent ?


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    I’m keen to share but in Bristol. I have a 10 year old girl. Anyone in Bristol?

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    I am in London, considering house sharing – I have 2 lovely boys (very loving, rarely fighting!) aged 7 & 9. If anyone is interested, please  PM me.



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