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    I know I’m really late to the party, but I’ve been wanting to have a house share with single parents for a long time. If anyone is interested in St Andrews, Bristol Or Nearby area’s then get in touch. My daughter is 9 years old ☺️

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    I would be interested but I’m in London. I have only recenly found out I am pregnant but a bit worried about rent, childcare and lonelyness. So this would be a really good idea!

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    Hello – I’m searching for another professional single parent to flat share in London. I’m 29 with a three year old boy and five year old girl. Anyone looking for similar?

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    Jess when are you looking to move and where abouts? I’m 29 too, pregnant and working. 

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    Hi there

    If you are looking to make connections with each other please remember that this is a public forum so can be viewed by anyone who clicks on the site.  To keep messages private please use the private message feature.  Theses messages will not be seen on public view.

    Kind regards, Justine

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    I’m a single mum with a 5 year old. I’m thinking about moving near London. I don’t mind to flat share with another single mum. Someone in the same situation?

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    I’m not looking right now to share but as I am in the process of selling my flat, I will be soon. I will be returning to NZ in the 2nd part of 2021 so have been looking at the options for myself and my 6 year old son for when we will need to move.
    I really wish the house sharing sites had the option for single parents to find / post house shares. Like others a home with another parent would be ideal.

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    This is something I am very interested in and don’t seem to Be able to find any platform to Find out more???

    im in Norfolk if anyone else is?

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    Just read about this idea, seems to have lots of benefits.  Im in London though.


    I will explore further, but so far I have not found much. Thanks

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    Hello! My daughter (3 years old) and I we are looking for to create a home in the area of Ealing. Anybody on Greenford maybe?

    Sharing the chat of meet up:

    Affordable Housing For Single Parents

    London, GB
    24 Members

    This group is for single parents who are looking for suitable and affordable accommodation in London. We’re creating affordable housing for single parents who want to raise th…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

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    I am nn 38yo and my son is 7.

    we used to live in London fields where my son attends school. I broke up with my partner and moved out from our flat.
    i am now looking to share a nice flat with another parent in the area

    thank you! Francesca

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    Hi good day, Im a 31 year old single mom of an 8year old boy, looking to house share with another single parent near central london. “Or greenford” My budget is 700 .  Get in touch if interested thanks

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    Hi are you still looking?

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    I haven’t sold my flat yet but will be looking once it’s sold. I’m hoping to be out by the NY.

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    Hi, just discovered this forum, I am having to move down to London in July and I am wondering if there were also other mums or dads wanting to share in London? It would be much nicer to share as we will be new to the city. I am a lone-mum of a 8 year old boy 🙂

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