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    I might be moving to Bristol to start a new job in January with my son who is nearly 10 years old, and my little dachshund dog who is adorable. I have read a few articles about single parents sharing houses with other single parents. This sounds like a brilliant idea! Sharing bills and rent, having more space etc. Are there any single parents out there that might be interested? I’d be looking into moving to Redland or Cotham (excellent schools), or other areas in Bristol that are family friendly.


    Hoping for replies… any advice welcome. x

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    Ps if anyone can advise where else I might put out feelings for shared housing. I’d be really grateful.



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    Have you looked at, I found my ex a small basement flat under the house of another single man, and my friends ex lives next door! There are lots of single people renting out rooms or you could rent one yourself. Xx

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    Thanks Survivor 1. I was thinking more about renting a whole house with another single parent, not a room in a shared house. A room in a house wouldn’t be nice for me and my son. I love the idea of sharing a house that has space and where the bills are halved, my son would have another child or children to play with and me and the other single parent would have company.
    Does any one know where I might advertise of find opportunities like this? Would really appreciate any advice. x

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    My solution was to rent a 2 bedroom flat first then try and find someone.  Have an advert up (Link Removed)  but am not having much luck finding anyone.

    I had figured if I just took the plunge it would all work out.  It still could.  I hope…

    At least in Bristol you probably wouldn’t have the problem of prices being as insane as London.

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    I love this idea (but I live in Leeds).

    Have you tried gumtree or googling it?

    I hope you find someone xx

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    Have a look on the site, some people rent the room with use of the whole house to share.

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    There was a whole long thread on here in the old forum, not sure if it’s disappeared… Still getting to grips with the new website!

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    Agree with people above.

    I am also trying to do this – either in London, or Thanet (Broadstairs).


    I even saw a lovely house! But the previous thread from the forum has disappeared 🙁

    Gingerbread wanted to create their own resource for single parents house sharing. But not done this yet!

    In Germany there is a website for flat shares (Wg-Gesucht) where you can tick a box to include house shares with children/children welcome, but this isn’t an option on Gumtree or elsewhere… so frustrating.

    Everyone I know in London either owns multiple small properties too small to share, one of which they rent out to tenants, or they’re in social housing which is affordable. I own my own place but I have no interest in staying by myself with my son in my 2 bed flat, as I feel isolated, lonely, anxious and short tempered without another regular adult around for company, babysitting swaps and sharing bills.

    My son is 3 now and I’ve done airbnb and had friends/family come to stay occasionally, but I want a reliable setup with another stable adult and their 1-2 children so my son has company too.

    I don’t mind if the person has the kids full time or part time, but London is becoming unaffordable and there doesn’t seem to be much of an interest or even a way to connect with likeminded people in Kent.

    I’ve tried Diggers and Dreamers, co-housing forums and so on. There used to be a forum for single parent house shares and babysitting swaps when I googled for it, but this has become inactive.

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    Sorry I know this is an old thread but I just had to say thanks for postingeveryone.

    I am just getting a room (or two) for rent, I have not decided about the second room yet as we have visitors occasionally.

    I was extremely apprehensive about renting as it is just my 10 year old and myself but I could really do with the extra income and I have two empty rooms but this idea is brilliant, I would feel much more comfortable sharing with another mum, probably difficult to find someone but that would be ideal so thanks again.

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    Hi Solitaire, I missed your reply. Whereabouts are you and did you find someone to share with?x

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    I would love to do this too.

    i left my husband and family home 10 months ago with my 8 year old son. We are currently staying with my elderly aunt. I’ve tried so hard to rent but being in Hertfordshire it’s so expensive and I don’t want to drag my son off somewhere else and out of his school.

    im now being trained to be a foster carer but if I don’t succeed I will need to look to rent again as I can’t stay at my aunts forever!

    it would be great to share a house with another single mum. Would be great company too

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    I have done it before. My mistake was house sharing with my single friend and my sister (also single at the time). Both childless and careless. Didn’t work out so great in the end but with the right people that’s a thing to do.

    Good luck with finding someone to flat share in Bristol!

    If not I am in Cardiff and could swap my flat for a nice house with garden and some company

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    And I’ve just noticed the original post I replied to is from last year….sorry


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    Anyone here still looking for a house share?

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