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    I’m a British citizen by decent relocating from the US with my 5 year old daughter.

    We arrive September 1st and she will be attending school in Wandsworth.

    My budget is £1,800 pcm.

    I’m in talks with another single mum whose budget is £1,000 pcm.

    We are looking for another single parent and child(ren) to buddy up with us for a 4+ bedroom flat.

    Looking for a long term lease to start October 1st in SW or West London.

    I’m 31. I have a bachelor’s degree in International Economics.

    My daughter is half Brazilian and we speak Portuguese together.

    I’m a pretty reserved person, my daughter is much more outgoing.

    I’m an omnivore, she’s a pescatarian.

    We’re not religious. We’re LGBTQ friendly.

    We like to travel, and we are looking forward to visiting as many playgrounds as we can 😁

    Non-smokers only please.

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    Good luck in your hunt. I was born and bred in Putney, SW London. I moved to Bedfordshire when my daughter was born and now I’m back here in SW after a recent split. My hatred for London has never been more prevalent. I’ve never been so desperate to get as far away from this city as possible!


    PS. Apologies for the rant on your post. Just felt the need to vent.

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    Olga C

    Hi Shellbeau, I would like to be this third single mum, are you still looking or you already found someone?

    I’m 30 yrs old, my kids are 5 and 7 years old, my worplace is also in sw and I think it’ll be helpfull for each other to be engage in this kind of opportunity. My kids will come to live with me before the school term, so I need to find a place soon, I can wait until October if needed. For the moment I can afford a rent of 900 pounds bills included. I’m in a permanent full time employement.

    Hope to talk to you soon.



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    Effusive, no hard feelings about the rant lol

    Just out of curiosity, I am wondering what is it exactly you are hating about London these days?

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    Evening, Shellbeau7

    To be honest, everything. It’s not the same city I felt safe growing up in for 30+ years. The cost of living is criminal here. The traffic, pollution, crime… the list goes on.

    I know that’s expected in a major city such as London, but when you’ve been away for a few years it’s more prevalent when you come back.

    Apologies once again. Enjoy it here. And don’t listen to grumpy old men such as myself.

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    Oh come on, 39 is not an old man yet! 😂

    Always good to hear a variety of opinions. There are downsides to every city, better to be prepared.

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    Absolutely. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst, or so they say. Everywhere has it’s pros and cons. Swings and roundabouts.

    And I know everyone’s financial situation is different but me and my ex partner purchased a beautiful 3-bedroom new-build house an hour’s drive from London with a decent size garden for the 3 of us, en-suite and our own drive for 2 cars. Our mortgage was just over £700. We were paying just over £350 each. That’s why I baulk at people I know who live in Barnes, SW London who pay approximately £2000 a month for a 1/2 bedroom flat, not including bills, etc.

    Like I said, though, I’m an old man now… I’ve been 39 going on 69 for years! Give me the quiet countryside to retire any day of the week!


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