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    I have never written a post on anything like this before, not really sure what I’m hoping for. Maybe just a rant.

    I’ve been a single parent for around 10 years and up until a year ago was working full time. I feel pregnant with my youngest child and her father abandoned us pretty much as soon as he found out about her. My pregnancy was very difficult as my daughter was diagnosed with a brain abnormality at 20weeks and for the remainder of my pregnancy I did not know what was going to happen and whether my daughter would survive.

    To cut a very long story short my daughter was born very healthy and although she is still under the care of a paediatric neurologist she is doing great.

    Work was aware of everything that I was going through. I was open about my wish to return to work on a part time basis at the end of my maternity and was never given any indication that this would be sn issue or that there was a policy I needed to follow.

    After months of being ignored by my employer, being signed off sick by my doctor due to my mental wellbeing and the difficulties I was having with communication with work. They have now denied by request to return to work on a part time basis.

    I just cannot help but feel like I am being incredibly mistreated. I have worked very hard for this organisation but being made to feel like just a number. Which I guess is normal. I have a meeting with them to discuss but was just wondering if any1 had had any similar experiences and how they handled it.

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    Do other people work flexibly? Do you have an employment union? If not, I would contact Acas ombudsman or do some research and get fully informed of where you stand. You should take someone in with you for support and to take any notes what you discuss. Don’t go down without a fight.
    I’m glad to hear your daughter’s healthy-that’s the important thing hun!! Good luck.

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