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    My 16 year old daughter, announced she was 6 weeks pregnant on Christmas Day and showed me the test result line. The 17 year old father, doesn’t want anything to do with her and has blocked her on social media.

    My daughter has been under CAMHS, Social Services and Catch 22 for over 2 years for self harm, anxiety, depression and suicidal attempts. She had the pill implant in her arm, but got it removed when she turned 16.

    I’m a single Dad with four children, a daughter 16 years old, and three boys, 14, 12 and 9 years old, they all live with me. Their mother left four years ago and lives in Italy with her new partner and has a new life and rarely visits.

    I find myself in a difficult situation as I have spent the last four years bringing them up and sorting their lives out, getting them through school, and on with their lives.

    Now, I have a pregnant daughter to deal with. I have no friends or family in the immediate area. I left work 20 months ago, to look after her due to the number of incidents of self harm, panic attacks, psychosis, etc. Things have settled down, she’s left school, tried college and working, but left both. Now she’s pregnant, she’s happy, but scared.

    I’m wary of the future for her, what if she finds pregnancy hard, scary, and can’t manage. What if she struggles with a newborn baby and has postnatal depression and I’m left holding the baby? How do I cope? I know how stretched Social Services are and can go weeks without a visit.


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    Hi @Kendo, please look out for a private message from me with ideas for support. I’ve also moved your post up so others see it. Best regards, Helen

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    *deleted user*

    Hi Kendo, just a bit of moral support.

    My feeling is this could happen to any of us, one of the many things we might be called upon to navigate.

    Sounds like you have got a lot on your plate as it is. I’ve only got one teen and I still find it a lot as a single parent.

    I guess it could turn out one of two ways – it could be the making of has been known…sounds like you have a house full so she could apply for social housing and would probably be near the top of the list especially if you get letters from support worker etc perhaps?

    It sounds like she is happy about it so probably wouldn’t consider not keeping it.

    I really don’t have much to offer aside from keep posting and someone else will hopefully be along to offer another viewpoint.

    One of those situations isn’t it where you have to think fast and on your feet…


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