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    I’m a single mum on Universal credit and my son is going to turn 3 in a couple of months.  I’m starting to get a bit stressed out because I know they will expect me to look for work when he turns 3.

    I live in a village with not very many nurseries around. I’ve been trying to get him into nursery since last year August but because of covid and child minders no longer accepting kids around here, all the nurseries are full. The best I’ve been able to do is apply for his school nursery place for a September start so until then, I can’t go to work because there’s no childcare. My family and his dad all live in London as that’s where were from. We only ended up here because there’s no housing in London so I literally have no one to watch him. I’m trying to get a swap so we can live in London again but no one knows how long that will take.

    Will UC accept that it isn’t possible for me to work or look for work until September? It’s really been worrying me as we’re getting closer and closer to his 3rd birthday.


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    Hi.Why don’t you look for a job you can do from home? A lot of people are doing that,and you probably don’t need to hold his hand or sit with him 24/7…..

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    Oh I tried that a while back, couldn’t find anything that pays you an actual wage, it was all more building your own network marketing business. Gave it a go but it didn’t work out it was in the travel industry and Covid happened lol.

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    They won’t ask you to work don’t worry too much

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    Hi, maybe i can help a bit, I am a single mum to a 15 year old and im also 6 months pregnant, I work from home in the personal development industry, and get to pick my hours etc. Have a look at my site to see if it looks up your street. x

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    You’re doing the standard worry months in advance for the future that all mom’s do. Im definitely guilty of that and although Im not sure how forceful they will be about you getting work I think they will definitely take a look at your situation and consider lack of childcare. Please don’t worry too much over it this year has not exactly been great on the job front for anyone 😁

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    You don’t need to worry. If you have a child under 5 they don’t pressurise you too much especially during covid times. At least that has been my experience.

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    Thank you for your replies everyone. Hopefully they’ll not pressure me too much *fingers crossed*

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